Test Grades Posted – Extra Credit Available

Dear Parents,

Two test grades ended up in your child’s science average today. The first was for a rock test that students took on Friday. The second was for a test on the layers of the earth that students took today. Both were the completion of our unit on the Lithosphere.

There are several students who are probably unhappy with their scores right now. Please remember if your child is disappointed in his/her score, extra credit can always be added to any task in my class.

The best extra credit to do right now would be Brainpop videos and handouts. Have your child do videos that are connected to the test that they are trying to raise their score on. For example, if they struggled with the Rock test, they should do Brainpop videos and activities connected to rocks.

Remember that the video and quiz itself are worth only 3 points. If students want to raise their grade in a significant way, they also need to do the activities/handouts that go along with each video. Doing so can see their grade raised by up to 10 points PER video.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter