6 PM Tonight – Watch Space X Launch and Reentry!

Dear Parents,

Today is an exciting day for Space lovers: At 6:03 PM, the private space exploration company Space X will launch a Falcon rocket with a satellite attached to it.

What makes this launch unique, however, is that Space X will try to recover the rocket by landing it on a remote controlled ship out in the Atlantic Ocean. The goal of the effort is to try to cut down on the costs of space exploration by reusing rocket components that are typically destroyed in reentry.

The best part: The entire launch and landing will be Livestreamed on the web! You can find more information about the project — and watch the Livestream — from the links below:



In a related story, the European Space Agency is also testing a new reentry vehicle today as well. Their launch is scheduled for 7:45 AM with reentry scheduled for 100 minutes later:


One of the major objectives in our space unit