Science Update: Studying Sound

Dear Parents,

First, many apologies for failing to post an update in recent days.  I’ve been battling a cold, a broken car and some dental issues!


In science class, we started studying sound this week.  Specifically, we’re looking at how sound travels.  We are talking about just what sound waves look like — and discussing how sound waves are different between high pitched sounds and low pitched sounds.  We are also studying the difference between loud sounds and quiet sounds.

Overall, I think your kids are into the content we are studying. Sound is one of those topics that surrounds us but that we know little about.  Just because you can hear a sound doesn’t mean you know WHY you can hear a sound.  Learning about that is interesting.

Next week, we will move into a study of the parts of the ear and the role that those parts play in helping us to hear.  Then, we will move into a study of the way that light carries energy.

There are several new grades available in PowerSchools.  One thing to check, however, is for zeros connected to missing papers.  Recently, about 30 of our students turned in an assignment with no names on their papers.  That work is all hanging up in our classroom waiting to be claimed.  While I will take grades from students, there will be a 10 point penalty for forgetting to put names on papers.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter