Fall Saturday Workshops for Kids Interested in Math and Science

Registration is now open for the Shodor Fall Saturday Explorations Workshop!!
**for 6th-8th Graders Interested in Math, Science & Computers
Oct. 18th – Nov. 15th 9:00am – 12:00pm

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Course Description:

What’s one of the secrets to success in mathematics or science? Developing your skills as a good observer! On five Saturdays during the Fall, Shodor will hold workshops to look at a variety of areas in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) that combine hands-on activities with computer and network explorations while discovering the role of computers and communications technologies in modern science. Saturday Explorations in Science and Mathematics workshops are intended for students in grades 6 through 8 (or the home school equivalent). Younger students who are particularly mature and older students who are interested may also be considered.

Once again we have an exciting partnership with North Carolina Central University. The Fall Saturday Explorations students will be invited to participate in CyberAdventures. CyberAdventures is a morning of hands-on experiments or computational activities that are both entertaining and informative. Topics range from Chemistry to Geospatial Sciences.

  • Oct. 18th at NCCU: “CyberStorm: An Adventure in the Eye of a Virtual Hurricane”

CyberStorm will involve hands-on experiments, Internet research and computational activities to learn about hurricanes. Students will learn about the latest technologies such as satellites, sensors and supercomputers that scientist use to predict the path of a hurricane. Come find out more about one of the greatest forces of nature – let’s go hurricane hunting!

  • Oct. 25th at Shodor: “Programming Concepts”

Everyday, most of us interact with technology that runs a computer program in some aspect. This workshop is designed to introduce students to the concepts of computer programming. In this hands-on, interactive workshop students will learn a wide variety of computer programming concepts such as conditional statements, data structures, procedures and functions. Students will learn how to program in both visual and textual programming environments to create highly interactive end-user applications.

  • Nov. 1st at NCCU: “Murder in the First Degree: Investigating The Death of Mr. Spud”

The objective of this forensic science experiment is to measure the rate of heat loss from a potato (representing a body) and see how it depends on the temperature of the surroundings. By determining how far the temperature has dropped, one may be able to arrive at an accurate measure of the time of death. This information could play an important role in either the prosecution or defense of an alleged criminal.

  • Nov. 8th at Shodor: “Explorations in Engineering”

Bright young adults will often display an interest and an aptitude for ‘tinkering’ – directly exploring how mechanical items, electronics and other items function and then mentally creating improvements to the design. The goal of this workshop is to foster this attitude with interesting examples while also providing a more traditionally academic math and science context – in essence, introducing the culture of engineering in it’s modern, computer-driven form. Students will learn to explore and question with the motive of eventually shaping the world around them.

  • Nov. 15th at Shodor: “Graphic Design”

In addition to giving students some insight into how graphics — from visualizations of molecules to the latest Hollywood effects — are created with computers, this workshop will acquaint students with some free graphics tools that they can continue to use at home. Students will use these tools to create their own two-dimensional visualizations.

If you have any questions, please contact Levi Diala at 919-530-1911 or programs