Heads Up: Missing Grade Sheets and Extra Credit

Dear Parents,

Yesterday, I sent home a paper copy of your child’s current grades in science class. Students had to get them signed and returned to school for a grade. Almost half of our students didn’t bring signed grade sheets back in today.

Students will lose 10 points a day for every day that the grade sheets aren’t signed and returned to school. That’s the only assignment that I take points off when it is not completed. It is important to me that I have written confirmation that you have seen your child’s grade at least once during the quarter.

If you want to know whether or not your child returned their grade sheet, feel free to login to the online gradebook. I’ve entered zeros for any student who hasn’t turned their gradesheets yet.

Also, know that I will be collecting extra credit during class on Friday for any student who wants to raise their average. We went over extra credit opportunities today in class. They include:

Completing the Brainpop video and quiz for the following activities: Measuring Matter, Temperature, Atoms, Tables, Graphs and Scientific Method.

Completing one of the handouts under the “Activities” button for the same Brainpop videos.

Reworking ANY of the summative tasks that we’ve had for the quarter.

Researching and writing a paragraph on why salt is not as soluble as sugar.

Please know that the amount of extra credit added to a child’s grade is dependent on the quality of the work that they turn in. Simply doing a task doesn’t automatically mean their grade will be raised. They have to show me through their written products that they have mastered the concepts that they were originally struggling with.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter