Passport Stamp Appeal

Hello Gnome Parents,

The sixth grade social studies department has come up with a plan to help students review their learning from each regional unit and have some fun making real world connections. We have created the idea of a passport for each student that would house vocabulary and unit overviews. At the successful completion of the unit assessment students would get their passports stamped. We want to get country stamps to represent the different places we’ve “been to” through our social studies units.

We’ve done some research on the stamps, and it’s easier if we buy them in one order (saves on shipping, etc.).

Therefore, we are asking each student to donate $1.00 towards this resource. We want to keep it simple, yet meet the objective. If each student is willing to donate $1, we’ll be able to purchase the stamps AND pay for shipping and tax. There are two sites we are purchasing from: Ebay: The Worms Pajamas and Creative Market: Vector Grunge Passport Stamps. With all costs factored in, I need to collect ~$75.00. That’s why I thought the $1.00 per student was a good amount for a request.

Please feel free to ask me questions about this donation. This will be fun for the kids and a learning experience for all.

Thanks in advance,

Mr. H