Science Update

Dear Parents,

Here’s to hoping that you are well and happy and looking forward to a weekend! It’s been a busy week here at Salem Middle and I know that I’m ready for a few down days.

Here’s what’s happening in Science:

1). I finished grading paper towel labs this week and entered scores in Power Schools. The task was broken into three different scores — one for the hypothesis, one for the table and one for the bar graph. I will be handing those papers back in class either today or Monday and we will be looking at a checklist to figure out how we could improve the pieces.

2). We began talking about Matter this week. Specifically, we looked at how the perceptions that scientists hold about matter have changed over time. We’ve also begun talking a bit about what atoms are and how they act/function. Next week, we’ll be conducting a mini lab about density as a part of this study of matter.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter