Would You Consider Supporting My Donors Choose Project?

Dear Parents,

During Spartan Time this week, I introduced your kids to two cause-driven learning projects that I’m hoping to give them the chance to be involved in.

The first is a Kiva Club, which is designed to help fight poverty around the world while learning about the differences between the developed and developing world. The second is a Sugar Kills Club, which is designed to raise awareness in teens and tweens about the amount of sugar in the foods that they eat on a regular basis. If things go well, we will also be paired in early September with an international school to work on a Challenge 20/20 project that is designed to give kids the chance to explore solutions to the cross-border problems that threaten our world.

All of these projects are fantastic enrichment opportunities that leave kids straight jazzed. While I get the chance to emphasize key curricular skills, your kids get the chance to change the world.

And that’s an opportunity that they are excited about! There were 30 students at my Kiva Club meeting this week and almost 60 at my Sugar Kills Club meeting.

The challenge is this: I don’t have enough computers in my classroom to pull these projects off.

Even when I pull out my personal laptop from home AND plug in an old netbook that runs Windows Vista that I found in my in-laws’ garage, we only have 4 computers to work with. That stifles student motivation times ten because kids have to wait — sometimes for weeks — before they get their chance to work on one of our projects.

So I created my first Donors Choose project this week. My goal is to raise enough money to buy three Chromebook computers that we can use in class:


With those three Chromebooks, I’ll be able to give more kids access to the web during our weekly “Change the World” meetings. Whether they are choosing a person the developing world to support, writing a new entry for our #SUGARKILLS blog, or working with other classes in a Challenge 20/20 project, those three Chromebooks would almost double the access that I can provide in my classroom.

Would you consider supporting me with a donation? Heck, any donations made between now and August 15th will be matched dollar-for-dollar (up to $100) by Donors Choose as long as you use the code INSPIRE on the payment page.

I’m more than a little embarrassed to ask