Science Update – Starting Scientific Method Today

Dear Parents,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on where we have been during science class in the first few weeks:

We started by handing out locks and lockers. Students have been doing a good job figuring out how to use their combination locks. Most students have their lock figured out by now.

Then we took a science pretest in class. That pretest covered the content that we study throughout the whole year. The purpose of the pretest was to give me a sense for the content that students have mastered in previous grade levels.

We worked to develop a set of classroom promises that we will use to guide and govern our behavior this year. You can see our list of promises in the document linked at the bottom of this post. I will be reminding students of these promises all year long and asking them to rate themselves and one another at our ability to follow through on those promises.

We worked to identify our own personality types by looking carefully at the personalities demonstrated in the Harry Potter novels. Students were asked to tell us which house they thought resembled them the most. We will be breaking our students into teams based on personalities at the beginning of next week. Those teams will be used for several team competitions over the course of the year.

We set up our notebooks. If your child doesn’t have a binder and five dividers yet, please make sure that they get one. It’s essential for science class.

We are starting a study of the scientific method. You can see the objectives for the unit in the document linked at the bottom of this post. One of our first steps will be to experiment with the absorbency of paper towels.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter