Easy Ways You Can Help our PTA!

Dear Parents,

I have a simple challenge for you this year: I double-dog dare you to find ways to support the Salem Middle School PTA.

As a guy who has taught for over 20 years in the Wake County Public School System, I can tell you with first-hand experience that the impact that a PTA has on the educational experiences of your children makes a HUGE difference. The sad truth is that schools are constantly underfunded. PTAs often bridge the financial gap between what we CAN provide for our kids and what we WANT to provide for our kids.

Here’s an example: Last year, our PTA paid for several cultural arts experiences for students here at Salem Middle. Those cultural arts experiences — which sometimes involve bringing in an artist or a musical group to share with a grade level and other times involve bringing in a professional writer or artist in residence to inspire our students — are things that were cut from school budgets years ago.

Here’s another example: Our PTA provides teachers with mini-grants every year. Teachers use those grants to fund professional development experiences or innovative classroom projects. Heck — our PTA paid for a part of my registration for a teaching with technology conference. Again, funds for those kind of experiences are almost nonexistent in the county budget — and they’ve been nonexistent for years.

Want to know how YOU can help?

Here’s three ways:

Join the PTA. Here’s the membership form: http://salemmiddlepta.weebly.com/membership.html

Last year, there were 749 members of the SMS PTA. We have 1,200 students. Throw another 300 memberships into the PTA’s budget can help provide much needed resources for our school.

Start using Shoparoo to take pictures of receipts from grocery stores. Our school gets free cash. Here’s the details:


I just loaded Shoparoo on my phone. Can’t think of an easier way to help than taking pictures of receipts.

Get ready to help with our once-a-year magazine sale fundraiser. Here’s the details:


The short version: We get 50% of the cost of every magazine that you subscribe to or renew through a Salem Middle School student. Given that the prices for the magazines are as good — or even better — than you can get outside of Salem Middle, subscribing or renewing through our fundraiser really IS a win-win.

So renew every magazine that you subscribe to — and convince your neighbors, friends and out-of-state relatives to do the same. Heck: Go hit up the local doctor and dentist, too. Let’s get every magazine in every waiting room in Cary and Apex to be a Salem Middle School subscription.

Hope this helps.

More importantly, hope YOU will help.

Bill Ferriter