With Gratitude….

Dear Parents,

Before today buries me in the inevitable swirl of the last day of school, I wanted to take a minute to say thank you.

This year has been nothing short of amazing. Your children prove time and again to be one of the kindest, smartest, funniest and most polite groups of students that I’ve taught in 21 years. They fill our rooms with laughter and smiles almost every day. They want to follow the rules and want to do well and that’s cool.

But that’s also proof positive that YOU are doing amazing work as parents. I’m ALWAYS grateful when moms and dads send us kids who are ready to learn. It makes our work easier — but more importantly, it makes our work more fun. When we aren’t wrestling to get students engaged and on task, we can all enjoy ourselves a bit more.

I am also incredibly grateful for your willingness to send in so many supplies for our science classroom. One of the things that bugs me the most is having to ask so often for materials — but given the state of school budgets (not to mention my OWN budget), I have to ask. And you came through again and again.

For all of those reasons, I’m grateful.

Please have a nice track out and I hope to see you around in seventh and eighth grade,

Bill Ferriter