Science Grades BASICALLY Finished.

Dear Parents,

Just a quick heads up to let you know that it is unlikely that there will be any more grades added to your child’s science average.

While we are still studying space — particularly what makes a planet habitable and why space exploration is worthwhile — there just won’t be time to give classroom tests or to do reports because we’ll spend most of next week wrapped up in North Carolina End of Grade Testing. I don’t feel comfortable asking your kids to do extra work beyond school for my class during the same week that they are grinding through a tough testing schedule.

We have talked repeatedly over the past three weeks about ways that kids can raise their scores and students have had multiple opportunities to turn in extra credit. You can tell if your child took advantage of those opportunities by reading the comments that I’ve left on their grades in PowerSchools.

If you are unhappy with your child’s scores, check to see if they took advantage of the chance to raise poor grades with extra credit.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter