Math Update Q4-W8

With only a few days left until EOG testing I wanted to send one final math update. Here are the final resources I will send to prepare for the Math End of Grade Test. We have reviewed in class, practiced at home, and taken assessments on each goal of the EOG test. The students have a Practice EOG test to study from along with the review games, homework problems, and extra attached resources.

Normally I don’t ask the students to do much over the weekend (we all have busy schedules), but this weekend I hope my students can find maybe 30 min. each day to STUDY. Look over missed questions on homeworks, quizzes, or the practice EOG. Review the vocabulary, formulas, etc. Now is the time to put in the work. There are no second chances on this test.

I have worked very hard this year to prepare my students for this EOG test. I know the students have worked very hard to learn the concepts and apply their knowledge. It’s time to show everyone what you can do and I know I will be proud of the results. Good luck! Be Confident! Thank you for the support this year! Let’s finish strong and DO YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST! That’s all I can ask of you.

Math EOG is on Monday!!!

Extra EOG Practice broken down by Goal with Answer Keys:

****REMINDER**** The cafeteria will offer FREE breakfast for all students the first two days of EOG testing—-6/16 and 6/17


Adam Love

6th Grade Formulas students might need to know.docx

6th Grade WCPSS Grid-In examples from teachers.docx

CCM6 Plus Vocabulary for the year.docx

CCM6 Vocabulary for the year.docx

Game for Data and Statistics – 6th Grade Jeopardy.pptx

Data and Statistics Sample Questions – 6th Grade.docx

Test Strategies PPT.ppt