Reviewing for Science EOG Test

Dear Parents,

Just a quick note to ask that you encourage your children to spend time studying for their upcoming Science end of grade test. The test tends to be REALLY difficult for children because it is full of complicated vocabulary and questions that require remembering small details and facts from our entire curriculum. Without studying, your kids will really struggle.

We have been doing short practice tests here at school for the past few weeks. Those practice tests are great study tools for your kids. I’ve been encouraging them to go back and study the concepts and vocabulary behind every question that they get wrong on our practice tests.

The best way to study is probably to watch the Brainpop videos and do the Brainpop handouts on the concepts for any question that they miss on a practice test. They can also use the vocabulary handouts that I’ve given them for each of our units to review.

The following post from our team website might be useful. It includes several vocabulary organization handouts that students can use to practice words. It also includes a list of the Brainpop videos that are connected to the concepts we’ve studied in class:

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter