Chinese Geography Assessment

Hello all,

Today students began, and in some cases finished, an assessment on Chinese geography. Some students needed a little extra time to work, so I am giving them tonight to finish their assessment. The assignment was to answer five questions about Chinese geography and then write five questions for me to answer. I am looking for originality and innovation when it comes to the questions students write. Each question needs to be multiple choice with four good answers that make sense, please no “Ronald McDonald” answer choices. Students may use their notes and the attached to help them write questions.

Here is an example I wrote and used in class…
Most historians and archeologists believe that the __________ was the first Chinese dynasty.
a. Chisan
b. Bampo
c. Shang
d. Gobi

Let me know if you have any questions.
Mr. Hutchinson

Chinese Geography Review Flashcards.pptx