LA Update

Good afternoon!

I am attaching a preposition practice page with answers at the bottom. There is a preposition quiz on Friday of this week, so please make sure you are prepared.

Also, I am staying after school this Wednesday, May 21 and the following Wednesday, May 28 from 3pm-5pm to help students with the Novel Game project. If students need my help, computer access or just time to work, they are welcome to stay. Please have rides at the school no later than 4:55pm, or students may ride the 5pm activity bus home. There will be a Novel Game check-in with me on Wednesday May, 28. I will need to see, at minimum, two completed mini-projects.

Please let me know if you have questions!

Chambliss Barrow
Salem Middle School
6th grade language arts

[Language Arts]

Preposition Practice with answers.doc