Math Update Q4- Week 4


We are slowly approaching the end of the curriculum in math classes and getting ready to begin the final new unit of the year. I have attached the packet for the Data Analysis unit and also the powerpoints I will be using in class. After this unit we will begin End of Grade Test preparation for the remainder of the school year.

Math 6 classes are halfway through the Data unit and should expect a quiz on FRIDAY covering mean, median, mode, range, outliers, and box plots. Math 6 Plus classes are finishing the Case 21 Benchmark Assessment. There is a mini-unit on conversions then we will move on the the final data unit.

Math 6 Plus classes just received scores on their most recent unit test covering Percents and Proportions. I would like the parents to know that this was a difficult unit. It involves only 7th grade math and Plus classes were the only classes to even cover this unit. Because of the difficulty and above grade level math concepts, it is expected that some test scores will be a little lower than normal. A few students already noticed this on the quiz leading up to the unit test. There were still students scoring in the 90’s, 100’s, and 105’s (bonus question), but just not as many as usual. Please consider this when looking at Powerschool or talking with students about completing test corrections. I anticipate the next mini-unit on Conversions and full unit on Data Analysis will be much easier for most students.

New review videos posted at:

Here is the schedule for the week:

Plus: Case 21 Benchmark Assessment, No homework
Math 6: Box Plots, Homework: Box Plot Practice

Plus: Case 21 Benchmark Assessment, No homework
Math 6: Box Plot Class Activity, Homework: McDonalds vs. Burger King

Plus: Metric Conversions, Homework: Tic-Tac-Toe
Math 6: Histograms, Homework: Histogram Practice

Plus: Unit Converstions II, Homework: Conversion Practice
Math 6: Bar Graphs, Histograms, Stem and Leaf Plot Homework: Displaying Data Review

Plus: Conversion Quiz, Mean, Median, Mode Homework: Mean, Median, Mode, Range Practice
Math 6: Quiz on Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Outliers, Box plots, Histograms Homework: Data Analysis Review


Adam Love

data unit packet-05132014142946.pdf

Central Tendency and Outliers.pptx

Bar Graphs and Histograms.pptx

Box Plots.pptx

Stem and Leaf Plot.pptx