Soil Demonstration for Students Who Missed Saturday School

Dear Parents,

In school on Saturday, we began discussing the important role that soil plays in our lives by doing a popular demonstration with an apple. The activity is designed to build awareness about the amount of fertile soil that we have available to us.

If your child missed school on Saturday, they can view a video version of the demonstration here on YouTube:

After watching the video, students should answer the following three questions:

On a scale of one to five, rate how frequently you think about soil. Five represents “I think about soil ALL THE TIME.” One represents “I never think about soil.”

Do you think most of your friends and families think about soil on a regular basis? Why?

SHOULD we care about soil? What does it provide for us that we can’t live without? What are the potential consequences of the fact that most people don’t give soil a second thought?

Hope this helps, Bill Ferriter