Honor Roll Update

Dear Parents,

I’ve had a bunch of questions coming in from parents about how Honor Roll is calculated on our team. Here’s the details from a previous post on our team website:

Because of the use of the new Powerschool Program for grading, there is a slight difference in the way that A/B Honor Roll will be calculated. In years past, A/B Honor Roll was awarded to students with only A’s and B’s. This year, however, Powerschool calculates A/B Honor using a students’s GPA (Grade Point Average). It is the average of all the grades on a students’ record (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0). Using a GPA scale means that there is a possibility that a student can have a “C” in a class but still be awarded A/B Honor Roll. As long as the “C” averages out with another “A” it is possible for a student to be on A/B Honor Roll as long as the GPA is at least 3.0.


Please know that we are using this same process to determine the Honor Roll for the Third Quarter. We are also including PE and Elective grades when determining which students are on the Honor Roll and which students aren’t.

That is the most inclusive method for calculating the Honor Roll. By using GPAs and including PE and Elective classes, there were 19 additional students added to our Honor Roll.

The only change you may notice is that we are going to try to replace the term “A/B Honor Roll” with just “Honor Roll.” We may even try to replace the term “All A Honor Roll” with “High Honor Roll.” That’s a more accurate reflection of what the honor represents. We aren’t sure if this is possible, however, and are waiting for a reply from the front office before making that change official.

We posted a list of students who are on the Honor Roll here at school so that your kids can get a sense for whether or not they are going to be recognized at this Friday’s Honors Assembly.

We are sorry if this causes any confusion.

Bill Ferriter