Math Update Q3- Week 8

This week in math class we are preparing for the unit test on Ratios, Unit Rates, and Percentages. The Plus classes will take the test on Thursday and move on to their next unit before trackout.

The regular math classes will hold off on the unit test until probably Monday. We will spend a few days reviewing and relearning some concepts before taking the unit test.

Both math classes will have to wait until we track back in to prepare for the 3rd quarter benchmark assessment. With the amount of class time missed from snow days, it was not possible to finish the units in enough time to prepare for the benchmark assessment. All will be reviewed and finished in 4th quarter though with plently of time to prepare for End of Grade Testing in late June.

I have updated the review videos at in preparation for the upcoming unit test.

ONE MORE REMINDER…. THE CUTOFF FOR 3RD QUARTER GRADES WILL BE THIS FRIDAY (3/22). All make-up work and corrections must be submitted by Friday in order to have it count for 3rd quarter scores. Any scores after this Friday will count in 4th quarter grading.


Adam Love

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