Math Update Q3- Week 2

In math class we are finishing Case 21 benchmark assessments today. The new Coordinate Plane unit will begin tomorrow, so expect homework each night after tonight. The first quiz will be scheduled for this upcoming Saturday. Introducing new material isn’t a good idea so students can take the quiz if they are here, or make it up on Monday if they miss school on Saturday. Review videos are already posted for students who want an advance screening of what we will be learning in class. They are posted under Semester 2:

Here is the schedule for the week:

Monday: Finish Case 21 Assessments, No Homework

Tuesday: Day 1 Homework on Coordinate Graphing, Finish Plotting Points

Wednesday: Day 2 Homework on Reflections in the Coordinate Plane

Thursday: Day 3 Homework on Distances between Points

Friday: Day 4 Homework on Perimeter and Area of Plotted Figures

Saturday: Quiz on Coordinate Graphing, Reflected Points, and Perimeter and Area of Plotted Figures, No Homework


Adam Love

unit 9 packet.pdf

unit 9 quick checks.pdf