Work Records Coming Home Today

Dear Parents,

As you know, we send home a work behavior record at the end of each quarter that gives you feedback about your child’s mastery of core work behaviors like coming to class prepared and actively participating in class. This replaces report card comments for our team — and we think it gives both parents and students more information about the kinds of things — outside of academics — that help a child to be successful.

Those work records were handed out in class today. We wanted to send them home before the report cards so you could have a conversation with your child about these behaviors separately. When we send the work records home with the report cards, sometimes parents and students overlook the work records.

What you’ll see on the work records is your child’s assessment of their own performance in each of four main areas. Not only did they give themselves an overall rating in each category, they circled bullet points that they believe they need to improve in and starred bullet points describing behaviors that they think they do really well.

Then, you’ll see individual ratings from Mrs. Barrow, Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Love and I. Those ratings represent your child’s performance in our classes. Often, the ratings will be similar regardless of class. There are times, however, when a child performs better and/or worse in specific subjects.

Be sure to spend some time looking at these work records tonight