Math Update Q2-W7


Just a quick reminder that the grade cutoff for Quarter 2 will be next Thursday, December 12th. All grades and assessments after that date will be counted in Third quarter grading. Today and tomorrow the students are working on the final math unit test of the quarter. We will begin the last unit of the quarter (Geometry) this week, but we will probably only get to one quiz next week before the grade cutoff. The unit test for the geometry unit will be a 3rd quarter grade.

Here are the assignments for the week:

Monday: Quiz on Inequalites and Equations, Homework: Study Guide

Tuesday: Review for Unit Test, Study Guide

Wednesday: Unit 7 Test, No Homework

Thursday: Area and Perimeter of 2-dimensional shapes

Friday: Decomposing Irregular Shapes to find Area

New review and practice videos added all the time to


Adam Love