LA Update

Happy Monday. We have a big week in language arts. Students turned in their “unexpected perspective” poems today, and we finished poetry stations. We will spend the rest of the week analyzing a couple of poems together and reviewing for the assessment. The major poetry assessment is Thursday, November 7. I have made two different Quizlets (an online study tool) for students to use. These are posted on my wiki. Kids can play review games on Quizlet and also print out flash cards. Please let me know if you have trouble locating them.

Also, I will be passing back the fist summary paragraphs and reviewing them with the students. I am not confident that the students mastered the summary paragraph, so we are going to work on another this week. My plan is to have the next summary paragraph due Monday, November 11. The more we write, the better writers we become!

You can see this week’s schedule and homework on my wiki, Have a great week!

Chambliss Barrow
Salem Middle School
6th grade language arts
[Language Arts]