Math Update Quarter 1 Week 7

Our quarter is almost finished and the grade cutoff is this Thursday at 4:30 pm. Any grades after that date will count toward 2nd quarter report cards. Please remind your students that any make-up work or corrections must be submitted by Thursday at the latest!!!!!

In math class we will have one more quiz tomorrow (Wednesday) on integers and rational number converstions. Study guides are attached to this post and will come home Thursday night for Homework. Students will have the entire weekend with the correct answers to prepare for the Unit Test on Monday. The Unit Test will be the first assessment score for 2nd quarter grading.

Once the unit test is finished next week we will review for one class period and then take the quarterly Benchmarks Assessment. It will most likely be administered on Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Friday is our last day before trackout and it is also an early release day!!!!!

Assignments and practice videos are attached.


Adam Love

Quarter 1 week 7.docx

study guide unit 4 ccm6+.docx

study guide unit 4.docx