Solubility Review Activity

Dear Parents,

Over the next few days, we’ll begin a quick study of solubility in class. While the concept of solubility isn’t difficult for most students to understand, there is a TON of new vocabulary that goes along with the topic that can be pretty tricky.

I just finished posting a new review activity covering solubility in Discovery Ed for your students. They can find it by:

1). Navigating to
2). Signing in with their Discovery Education username and password.

All students should have their Discovery Education username and password written in their agendas. It follows the following structure:

Username: wcp(studentnumber)
Password: (studentnumber)

Here’s a sample:

Username: wcp8675309
Password: 8675309

Remember that students who complete the review activities and score highly on the quizzes attached to each activity can earn extra credit points that they can use on assignments connected to the topics that we are studying.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter