Week 6 Math Update


I am in the process or grading and recording the scores from last week’s Fraction Unit Test. Hopefully by this evening you should see all of the new quiz and test scores. The team plans to send home progress reports this friday (9/6). Please go over them with the students, sign, and return them next week in homeroom.

The students wanted to make sure I remind you about the 30 minute homework rule in math. Students “should” work at least 30 uninterrupted minutes each night at home on math work. Anywhere between 30-45 minutes is sufficient practice, if any assignment runs longer than that please just initial and it will be counted as full credit. I don’t expect hours of math homework at night. Feel free to use that guideline as you wish…..even if they say they don’t have homework you are welcome to hold them to the 30 minute rule.

Tuesday Homework: Fraction Puzzles

Wednesday Homework: Exponents and Multiplication

Thursday Homework: Order of Operations Practice



Friday: Exponents Quiz!!!!

Homework: Crossword Puzzle


Adam Love
M.A.T. Middle Grades Mathematics
National Board Certified EA/Mathematics
6-4 Math