Accessing Your Child’s Grades Online

Dear Parents,

Just a quick heads up to let you know that a letter was sent home last week giving you detailed directions about how to access your child’s grades from Homebase — the online gradebook program used in middle and high schools in the Wake County Public School System.

You can access the online gradebook from the “Online Gradebook” button in the header of our team’s website. You can also access the online gradebook directly by following this link:

If your child didn’t bring home the letter giving you directions about accessing the online gradebook, you’ll need to contact the front office for more information simply because each family has a unique identifier to use when accessing the site.

It is important to check the online gradebook on a regular basis because we do not send home paper gradesheets on a regular basis.  If you have trouble accessing the Internet from home, remember that your child can always print out gradesheets from school.  Our computers are open during the morning and at lunch time.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter