Adding Points to Spaghetti Lab Work

Dear Parents,

In class yesterday, your students got back their Spaghetti Lab assignments. When I return papers in class, I always give students time to reflect back on the rubric for the assignment to see if they can figure out why they earned the score that they earned.

The purpose for this is to give students the chance to develop their own self-assessment skills.
I want your children to recognize that they can assess their own work and spot the strengths and weaknesses in their own pieces. This kind of self-reflective behavior is an incredibly important habit of mind to develop and is an assessment strategy recommended by an expert named Dylan William.

To encourage students to develop these skills, I always offer students the chance to earn 3 more points to add to their scores on these tasks by writing a paragraph explaining why they think they earned the grade that they earned.

This is a great way for your children to add to their averages if they are unhappy with their scores. Paragraphs for the task handed back yesterday are due by Friday of this week. Students can turn them in to me during working lunch any day this week.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter