IBRG After School Skype Visit

Hello IBRGers,

This reminder is for you. Remember that tomorrow we will be staying after school so that we can connect with our partner school in New Zealand. In order for our times to match up we need students at school at 4:30 Tuesday afternoon. That will be 8:30 Wednesday morning for our new NZ friends. We are all excited to Skype “into the future.”

Students are welcome to stay after school with Mr. Hutchinson, we will use the time between the end of school and our visit to finish any homework and work out some of our IBRG assignments. Having an after school snack might be a good plan.

Our visit is only scheduled for about 30 minutes, so parents will need to be at school to pick up students at 5:00. We know that many families have busy schedules and that staying after school is not possible. Please know that if you can’t make this after school activity you are still very welcome to continue to participate in the IBRG.

If you have any questions please let Mr. Hutchinson know.

Mr. Hutchinson