Week 2 Math Assignments

Each week I will try to post as much as possible for help at home with math homework. Please use the review videos if your child seems to be struggling with math homework. There are also textbooks available to checkout and keep at home as a resource. We don’t use them much in class, but you are welcome to check out a textbook at any time during the school year.

Students got their first quiz scores back today. Hopefully they will be coming home to you. Remind students with lower scores of the “77” rule. Any students with scores lower than a 77 should complete a corrections form to earn back points up to the 77 mark.

We have a unit test coming up on Friday!!! There will be a study guide assigned for homework on Wednesday and Thursday that will prepare students with problems VERY similar to what they will see on the actual test.

Quarter 1, Week 2

Monday: Quiz (Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying Decimals), Division of Decimals

Homework: Finish Shading Puzzle for Dividing Decimals

Tuesday: Review Division of Decimals



Homework: Decimal Word Problems (p. 16 in packet)

Wednesday: Review All Decimal Operations

Homework: Study Guide for Unit Test

Thursday: Review All Decimal Operations

Homework: Study Guide for Unit TEst

Friday: Unit Test on All Decimal Operations

Homework: None, Enjoy the weekend!!!

Adam Love

Decimal Test-add,subt,mult, divide study guide.docx