Applications for Accessing New WCPSS Gradebook Program

Dear Parents,

The Wake County Public School System is rolling out a new online Student Parent Access program called Home Base/PowerSchool Parent Portal. It will replace SPAN — the online tool that you used in previous years to check your child’s grades.

While the tool isn’t live yet — and may not be live until the end of August or beginning of September — you will have to fill out another form before you can gain access to your child’s grades. If you want to start working on getting those forms filled out and turned in, they are embedded at the bottom of this email.

Please note there are two forms. One is for hand delivery where our school can verify your photo ID against the parent name on birth certificate. The other form will be used by parents who opt to have the form notarized.

These forms can also be found on the WCPSS Internet site at:

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter