Welcome to the Gnomes New Website

Like so many services in today’s digital world, Drop.io—the service that the Gnomes have been using to post short updates for their parents—is going out of business on December 15, 2010.  As a result, the Gnomes teachers had to find a new service for posting short updates. 

And you’ve found it here!

Posterous is a service that works just like Drop.io.  Teachers like it because we can send updates straight from our email inboxes—-a place where we spend a lot of time already.  Parents like it because they can receive daily updates in their own email inboxes after clicking on the “Subscribe” button found in the right hand sidebar. 

While we’re sorry for the change in address and service, we’re happy to have found another tool that will allow you to see quick updates on classroom happenings. 

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