Thank you!

Parents and students,

Thank you so much for all of the well-wishes, yummy homemade treats, gift cards and gifts that we have received these last few days. So generous of you all and much appreciated! What a nice and special way to end the quarter.

As you may remember, I will be out on maternity leave during quarter three. My family and I are very excited about welcoming a new baby girl soon! Please know that I will miss my Gnomes. I have a fantastic maternity sub, Margaret Edwards, who will be working with my co-teacher, Nicole Messier, during my absence. Mrs. Edwards has done other maternity jobs here at Salem, and I hear nothing but glowing reports. They are in good hands. 😊

If questions or concerns arise during my absence, please reach out to one of my teammates. They will be happy to help!

Again, thank you for all of the generosity you have shown over the past week, and I hope that everyone has a wonderful and restful track out.

With love,

Chambliss Barrow

With Gratitude!

Dear Parents,

Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for all of the kindness that you showed me today. Your gifts and Diet Cokes and holiday cookies and candies and kind words were MUCH appreciated indeed.

I also want to thank you for sharing your kids with us! They really are a curious and kind hearted group. I love working alongside them each day, that’s for sure.

Wherever the next few weeks take you, please be safe and enjoy your family!

With gratitude,
Bill Ferriter

LA Update

After reading many adversity poems these last few weeks, students are going to have a chance to write their own! These will be narrative poems, poems that have a plot and therefore tell a complete story. An explanation of the assignment and the brainstorming page can be found in Google Classroom.

Monday’s class will be centered on brainstorming and planning the poem. Drafting will take place during class on Tuesday, and Wednesday will be revising and editing. Any step not completed during class that day will need to be finished for homework that night. It will be important for students to stay with the pace of the assignment, as this will be the last major grade on Quarter 2.

We will have our poetry cafe on Thursday and Friday! Students will share their poems with the class as we enjoy cookies and hot chocolate- thank you all for your generous contributions to the cafe!

Please have students see us during Spartan Time if they fall behind or need extra help.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chambliss Barrow & Nicole Messier

LA Update

I know this has been a wonky week, so here is a quick reminder of due dates that we talked about in class yesterday and today:

  1. Two Read Theory Quizzes are due tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 14)
  2. Corrections to Friday’s quiz are due Monday (please see us if you need help with this; we will be happy to help on Monday during Spartan Time) Your answers and scores are in Google Classroom (Mid Unit 2 Quiz)
  3. Revisions to the Visual Essay are Monday (please make comments on the Slideshow letting teachers know what you revised and click the turn-in button when done).
  4. Extra credit for the quarter has been posted in Google Classroom and discussed during class. This is totally optional. Extra credit is due Friday, Dec. 21.

Please let us know if you have questions about these upcoming dates or assignments.

Have a great afternoon!

Chambliss Barrow & Nicole Messier

Keep an Eye on Pride Guides

Dear Parents,

Just a quick heads up: Behavior on the Gnomes Team has been below average for a few weeks now.

We’ve seen lots of kids not paying attention in class and being easily distracted by their friends. We’ve also seen lots of bickering with each other and trouble with keeping hands to ourselves. We’ve also seen lots of disruptive behavior — mostly in the form of shouting out during class or doing "Fortnight Dances" during lessons.

While none of this behavior is particularly terrible, it has become a pretty big challenge to keep class heading in the right direction because of the volume of "small things" happening at any given time. These behaviors are also coming from well over half of our students — so there’s no easy or quick solution.

Here’s what we are going to try: We are going to start signing Pride Guides a lot more frequently over the next several days.

Those are the yellow behavior trackers in the back of your child’s agenda.

If your child receives three signatures, we will contact you directly to discuss the behavior that we are seeing.

Here’s how you can help: Keep an eye on those Pride Guides over the next week — and if you see a signature on your child’s, squeeze ’em a bit.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter

Saturday School in Science Class

Dear Parents,

Just a heads up about Saturday School in science:

We will be going to the media center for our bi-weekly circulation. We will also be taking a required school survey in the computer lab.

That means if your child misses school because of prior commitments (basketball games, ski trips, Boy Scout camping trips etc), they won’t be missing any new content in my room.

If they want to check out a book for track out but aren’t going to be in school on Saturday, they can stop by the media center between 7:45 and 8:15 or during lunch time any day next week.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter

Science Update

Dear Parents,

Here’s what’s happening in science:

(1). We are studying light: We have continued our energy unit by studying the way that light and color work. We are talking about concepts like transmission, reflection and absorption. We are also talking about transparent, translucent and opaque materials. We will move into a study of refraction — the bending of light as it moves through a new medium — and the parts of the eye. With luck, we will be done with light before we track out next Friday.

(2). A word on retests: There have been a ton of kids lately who have struggled with the last two assessments that I’ve given. The good news is that all have asked for reworks. The bad news is most haven’t done any of the required prep work — things like study guides and notes — before the test. That is one of the reasons that their scores are low. So the new rule in my room is that retests will only be offered for students who have all the prework completed before the test. My hope is that there will be fewer kids who struggle the first time if every student completes their work before test day.

(3). Retest for heat transfer: On a related note, if your child earned a grade that they are not proud of on the recent heat transfer quiz AND they have a completed (and corrected) set of conduction, convection and radiation notes, they can see me for retest directions. The notes can be found in Google Classroom under "Classwork" and the answer key is posted on the board in my room.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter

LA Update

Happy weekend!

Just wanted to let everyone know where we are going this upcoming week. We just wrapped up the narrative poetry stations last week. We hoped that students enjoyed getting a taste for several different novels and maybe found one they want to finish. These stations were due completed on Friday. Students took a poetry quiz yesterday, accessing the skills from the previous 3 weeks os instruction. We will be working on corrections during Spartan Time this week. All corrections for this quiz are due Monday, Dec. 17.

We will continue reading and studying poetry this week in preparation for writing our own poem. We will finish the quarter with a poetry writing assignment and a poetry cafe. This will be the last major assignment for Q2.

In regards to homework this week, two more Read Theory quizzes are due on Friday. Also, corrections for the following two assessments will be due Monday, Dec. 17. Students, please use allotted class time and Spartan Time to get extra support on these corrections.

– Friday’s poetry quiz (mid unit 2 quiz in Google Classroom)

– Visual Essay (We will be viewing and discussing these on Monday. We will be starting our revisions in class.)

Have a great and warm weekend!

Chambliss Barrow & Nicole Messier

Social Studies- update

We are just about finished with our unit on Ancient China. Last week the students completed an investigation on a major religion by creating an Informational Display illustrating the major beliefs and creating an Advice Column using each religion’s perspective on common problems. This week students investigated the Silk Road and the effect that this trade had on China’s economy as well as culture through a Web-quest activity. They also completed a timeline of some of the major dynasties in China’s history.

Monday students will take an ancient China Unit Test. The students worked on the study guide in class on Thursday and Friday to prepare. A copy of a blank study guide and the answers are posted in Google Classroom. There is a link to Quizlet for the Ancient China vocabulary posted in Google Classroom as well.

Once the students have completed the China Unit test we will be off to start our next unit, ancient Greece!

Have a great and safe weekend!